Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Raw Milk Challenge

I start this blog on a rather bold front. I am now on a countdown to the beginning of my exclusive raw milk diet. I will be drinking nothing but milk for 4 weeks. There, I said it, I can’t turn around now! I’ve begun preparing my body by completely cutting out gluten. I’ve heard that gluten causes all kinds of nasty diseases. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (HT) and it certainly sounds like a nasty disease. It also just so happens that many people who have gluten-intolerance also have HT (and other autoimmune diseases), and when they stop eating gluten they are able to alleviate many symptoms.
Now this brings me to an interesting thought that has been rattling about in my head. Why are people so intolerant of so many things (and I’m not talking prejudice here, that’s another conversation)? You’re either gluten-sensitive, or lactose intolerant or you suffer from multiple allergies or something. There is a long list of possible culprits, let me tell you. And there are champions of each of these causes. See because I believe that our bodies used to be pretty darn perfect, we functioned quite wonderfully, a long time ago. Now we’re all broken down and fat and diseased and tired and stressed out! What the heck is going on?
I am on a quest to answer this question to my own satisfaction. I have always been curious about this stuff. Like, why do so many people need glasses? How could we have carried on our species way back when we were hunter/gatherers (HG) if half of us couldn’t see the darn animals?! We would have died out pretty quickly. So I’m guessing all this vision trouble is a relatively new thing. But my real probing of the question of why we are so messed up really picked up speed when I found out I was one of the sick ones!
I will ponder on this regularly. One thought I have is, perhaps we just eat a bunch of junk and it’s killing us. What do you think? A possibility?


  1. I think many of our ills come from our unnatural diets.

    Good luck with your raw milk challenge, and thanks for joining in the fun at Fight Back Fridays.

    (AKA FoodRenegade)

  2. Why we need glasses if a very good question to which I'd love to have an answer (I've been wearing glasses since my childhood).
    I got a hint that the food we eat might have something to do with it.
    A year ago, I had to have a new pair of glasses done (which I hadn't done for several years). I was complaining of headaches or eye fatigue.
    They told me that my eyesight had improved (that was the first time I had ever been told so).
    Could this have to do with my consumption of leafy greens (including spinach which contains lutein)? Who knows...

  3. I don't know if our bodies used to be perfect way back, considering the general life span was around 40-50 years. People just died of the stuff we can now treat and/or cure.
    However, I do think we eat too much processed food and eating more healthily would be beneficial to our health.
    Good luck with raw milk. I'd love to know how it goes since I want to try it too.

  4. I am curious how that went? My daughter's 10,10 and 8 have the antibodies... I have been researching, etc. We are of gluten and all grains for now. What I have been reading is that milk products respond like the gluten with HT.... I have 2 raw milk sources and we have been using them for years. The Dr. found milk in their blood so we know the leaky gut has been a culprit. I am wondering if you felt that your symptoms lessened with the raw milk? We are doing Kefir and yogurt with it, nothing else. Please let me know when you can! Thank you and thank you for posting ;)