Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 2 of GAPS Diet

I suppose I should clarify that I am attempting to do the GAPS diet and I don't claim to be doing it exactly as Dr. McBride lays it out. I may make some mistakes. For the most part I am attempting to follow Dr. MrBride's recommendations.

Today I found out about how to do the coffee enemas. The reality of actually doing an enema hit me and I am curious to see if I can actually go through with it. The purpose for doing the coffee enema is to cleanse the liver and the colon. It is a recommendation by Dr. William Kelly who is famous for this "unorthodox" approach to curing cancer. Yes, there are doctors out there who claim to be able to cure cancer without the use of damaging treatments like chemotherapy.

I won't go into Dr. Kelly's methods right now but his teaching was key in the further development of the concept of biochemical individuality. You can read his short book online at: One Answer To Cancer. It is fascinating and his work has been taken up by Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez in New York City and by Bill Wolcott, the author of the The Metabolic Typing Diet.

The concept of eating in harmony with your metabolism has been key in my reaching the level of health I've achieved. Reading the books mentioned above has been helpful but the greatest influence for me has been the teachings of my mentor and friend, Jim Marlowe. Jim is a local nutritionist here in Chicago and he is simply brilliant.

The most significant changes for me have been the almost complete elimination of cravings and dizziness and a remarkable improvement in my emotional state. I am calm, cool and collected, I do not have mood swings, and I feel good all the time. Sometimes I feel so good that I am tingling with bliss. This occurs most often after lunch when I've eaten one of my favorite meals in peace and quiet. It may sound corny or like I'm just saying this but it is true. The reason why this is so significant for me is because I used to feel discontented a lot. A state of existence that I assumed was just normal. And there were usually one or two days every month when I would feel blue. I was never to the point of being "depressed" on those days but I felt moody and had a certain sense of hopelessness. This is completely gone.

I also no longer have an unreasonably strong fear of flying. I used to have diarrhea (TMI?) the day I was to fly. My palms would get sweaty and I would be very nervous. I sometimes bordered on a panic attack if there was any delay or turbulence. Now, when I fly I still feel uneasy but nothing like I used to. This past autumn I took 6 flights and I was quite calm on each flight. I would like to emphasize that I have had no psychological counseling on this matter. Neither did I do anything different in terms of preparing to fly. The only change I've made is in my diet.

I digress. Maybe I'm avoiding the whole enema thing.....No, I actually have to admit to being very curious about it. But I will try to spare everyone the gory details about my enema experience. I have received quite specific directions on how to do the coffee enema. You can see Dr. Kelly's instructions on the coffee enema firsthand if you would like more details. Coffee enemas should be done under the guidance of a doctor.

Day 2:

2 soft-boiled egg yolks with 2 home-made pork sausage. Spinach and bok-choy lightly cooked in chicken stock with salt and butter.

Rib-eye lightly cooked in chicken stock. Sliced celery and avocado eaten with olive oil, raw vinegar and nutritional yeast (Lewis Labs). Broccoli soup (leftover). Liver shake (1/2 chicken liver raw, freshly squeezed juice of 1/2 lemon, 6 oz. home-made beet kvass, dash of cinnamon, 1 tsp. raw honey) and 8 oz. home-made water kefir.

Meat from meaty soup bones cooked in beef stock. Dino kale lightly cooked in chicken stock with salt and butter sprinkled with freshly ground flax seeds. 6 raw oysters. 1 soft-boiled egg. Sauerkraut. 8 oz. water kefir.

I have been feeling fine, perhaps I little more hungry than usual but no cravings. I noticed today that my hands are drier than usual. Otherwise I've noticed no real changes. I am still waiting for my probiotic supplements.


  1. Jill,

    Thank you for sharing this level of detail. I had to google water kefir. Would you care to share your recipe?


  2. Mike,

    I just fill a quart-sized jar with about 2 tbsp. of kefir grains, mineral water, about 1 tbsp. of raw honey and a few slices of ginger. I cap the jar and cover with a towel and store in a warmer place (my kitchen is very cold right now) for about 24 hours. I check it to see if it's done. If not, I let it sit for awhile longer. I look for a lack of sweetness and a good amount of fizz. It's delicious! There seems to be a slight amount of alcohol produced, fyi.