Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 7 GAPS: My Grocery List

I've made it through 7 whole days! I hate saying that because it has been a walk in the park and no big deal at all. I do wish I had a good evening snack though. I get hungry around 10 PM. Maybe I should just go to bed!

I thought it would be cool to write my grocery list because I think half the battle with eating well is planning. It is also important to have plenty of easy, quick recipes to refer to. I don't follow recipes for the most part, even though I love doing it, because I just don't have time. I cook really, really simple food, as can be seen from my meals :)

So this is my grocery list from today:
bok choy
lacinato kale
green peppers
(all organic so far)
ground pork (pasture-raised)
ground beef (grass-fed)
2 rib-eye steaks (grass-fed)
veal scallopini (pasture-raised and staying with mama)
Manna bread (for my daughter)
mineral water

And that's it. This came to 190$. No processed food. Enough food to last me for about 3 days (I buy my eggs and dairy elsewhere). The water was about 15$ of that. So, I guess eating this way is not cheap but I don't really ever go out to eat so in the end it may even out.

Day 7:

3 scrambled eggs with stock and sea salt. 2 pieces of homemade sausage. Bok choy and spinach cooked lightly in stock.

Rib-eye steak cooked lightly in stock and butter with sea salt and black pepper. Steamed broccoli with butter and sea salt. Cucumber, celery, sauerkraut salad with olive oil, raw vinegar, nutritional yeast, freshly ground flax seeds and sea salt. 8 oz. of veggie juice with 1 raw egg yolk.

Rib-eye steak cooked lightly in stock and butter with sea salt and black pepper. Kale lightly cooked in stock. Cucumber and celery salad with sauerkraut, olive oil, raw vinegar, and sea salt. 8 oz. of veggie juice with 1 raw egg yolk. 8 oz. of water kefir.

My version of Steak with Demi-Glace-ish Sauce

I'm not sure if this is how to make a real demi-glace sauce. It's probably just an extremely simplified version of it. But this is how I make it:

I sprinkle sea salt and black pepper on both sides of the steak. Then I cook the meat covered on the lowest burner in a small amount of stock (1/8 cup?). When the meat is brown but still very, very rare on the inside I remove it from the heat and cover it to keep it warm. Then I add a whole lotta butter to the stock and turn up the heat to medium-high. With the cover off the stock evaporates and quickly reduces to a thick sauce. I like it to be quite thick so I watch it carefully so it doesn't burn. When it's done I pour it over my steak. It's really quite delicious and perhaps part of the reason why I am able to eat so much steak and still enjoy it!


  1. True, Jill. It is NOT cheap to eat this way. I remember taking my hubby along with me to pick up my raw dairy products, and he was astounded by the bill. He did mention that he never gets sick anymore...hmmm. :)

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