Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 5 of GAPS Diet: Eat 3 Square Meals

Today I missed lunch and I was starving!! I ate breakfast late, at about 9:00 and then later went to a meeting. I was only able to eat 1 boiled egg before the meeting and so ended up eating "lunch" at about 4 PM! Yikes, I was so hungry!! And after I ate my lunch I was hungry again by 5 PM. This reminded me of something I already know about myself. If I don't eat 3 square meals at about 4-5 hour intervals it makes me hungry and it throws me out of whack. I know this varies from person to person but I've found that I do best eating those 3 square meals, without snacking.

Day 5:

3 scrambled eggs cooked with chicken stock and sea salt. 2 pieces of home-made sausage cooked slow and low with beef stock. Kale lightly cooked in chicken stock.

1 boiled egg.
Ground beef and kale cooked in stock. 8 oz. of water kefir.

Veal stew meat (cooked all day at 175 degrees in beef stock, tomato paste, sea salt and black pepper). Kale lightly cooked in stock. Leftover fish chowder soup. Sliced cucumbers with lacto-fermented pickles, celery and sauerkraut, dressed with olive oil, raw vinegar and sea salt.

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