Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 8 GAPS: Time To Transition

Today I incorporated some dairy into my diet. I feel no different but I kind of messed up on lunch because I didn't have a high-protein main course available. And at breakfast I didn't have time to cook eggs so I didn't get enough food. This left me hungry prematurely, again. I will continue like this for a few days, using yogurt and cheese. And I will see if I have any adverse reactions. I don't suspect I have issues with dairy but I wanted to make sure.

After today I think I will hold off on posting for awhile, unless there is some interesting change. I'm still waiting for the enzymes and the enema stuff.

Day 8:

1 home-made sausage cooked lightly in stock. Spinach and bok-choy cooked lightly in stock. Yogurt, banana and raw egg yolk shake.

3 eggs cooked omelet style with cheddar cheese, salt and pepper. Celery, cucumber and cilantro salad with sauerkraut and nutritional yeast. Raw liver shake (2 chicken livers soaked in fresh lemon juice, 8 oz. beet kvass, 4 oz. veggie juice, 1 egg yolk, 1 tsp. raw honey, dash of cinnamon).

Veal marsala (Veal cutlets dressed with salt and pepper and lightly cooked in stock, butter and coconut oil. Cutlets removed from heat, garlic and mushrooms added to sauce and cooked lightly. Marsala added and mushrooms cooked further. Mushrooms removed from heat, butter added and sauce reduced. Simply divine!!). Lacinato kale lightly cooked in stock. 8 oz. water kefir.

At night I get hungry and then I crave something crunchy. Mostly I miss popcorn. I am looking for a good crunchy, salty, buttery snack that has no starch. Any ideas?

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