Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Day 11: Eating Food

Today I find it difficult to write. I woke up with vertigo again this morning so I have decided to phase off of the milk diet. This is sad news for me. I so wanted to see where it would take me health-wise.

I know most people think I'm being unwise to do this diet and some friends will be relieved to hear I'm ending it. But I still believe it is an amazing way to improve health, given the right circumstances. It is unfortunate for me that I was unable to do this thing properly. I've made some mistakes, but it also may have not been the best time for me to do it. Whatever the reasons, I have to start eating more food. The milk diet may or may not have caused the increase in incidences of vertigo but I can't take the risk of not knowing. If I continue to have vertigo after stopping then I will know it wasn't the milk and then I'll probably be even more annoyed with myself for stopping. But I often have to remind myself to take a more lighthearted approach to life so it will be good practice.

I weighed in at 123 pounds today. I'm still drinking lots of milk, yogurt and kefir but today I supplemented with beef stock at breakfast and sardines with home-made mayo at lunch. Tonight I will have some beet kvass and some collard greens. I've been advised to take it slowly but I did have some food over the weekend so it probably won't be such a shock to my system. Ho-hum.

I also wanted to note how I make my yogurt, as per some requests. It is not thick like Greek yogurt but it's super easy and quick to make:

I put my full-fat milk in a container with a top (that can go in the oven), add yogurt from the previous batch and then I put it in the warmed oven and leave undisturbed overnight (for about 18 hours is good actually). I heat the oven a little, then turn it off and then put in the milk. Ideally you want the yogurt to be in an environment that's about 85-95 degrees for the duration (over 100 degrees and the enzymes will start to die). That doesn't really happen in my oven but it still works somehow. It always comes out a little runny but sweet and delicious. The ratio is 1/2 cup of yogurt to 1 quart of milk.

Raw milk yogurt has all of the benefits of raw milk (obviously) plus an increased amount of good bacteria. Instead of buying probiotic supplements you can have your own homemade probiotics that taste delicious and cost less.

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