Monday, May 11, 2009

Day 9: Fat Is Where It's At

OK, I cannot express enough the importance and beauty of fat. I am going to be the world's expert on how NOT to do the raw milk diet by the time this thing is done. Starting with not being on bed rest. But, more importantly, skimming my milk like a dodohead. "Duh", is really the best word that comes to mind.

Now that I am not skimming my milk it's like night and day. I'm not dizzy or weak. I don't feel hungry either. Phew! This thing is actually fun!

I did have some beef stock this morning because I was feeling a little weak. It felt and tasted great. I am still taking this thing day-by-day, if I feel any bit of weak or tired or dizzy I will have stock. If that doesn't help I will have some eggs or meat. But I feel great right now.

I've learned some lessons:
1. Milk is to be drunk with the fat.
2. Listen to your body.
3. Your body needs fat, lots of it (I knew this intellectually but now I know for real)

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