Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Joy of Eating

I miss my milky clouds of milk. Say what you will about this crazy milk diet idea but I was enjoying the temporary ethereal quality of my life. There was a lightness and a surreal haze to my perceptions of the world around me. It almost felt like I was in a bubble. It's sort of hard to explain. But the sharpness has returned and those I share the road with may be happy about it. Although the dust bunnies I chased around my house today may not be so happy.

Of course I'm still drinking a lot of yogurt, milk and kefir but food is also on the table. I really, really like food. I always got excited about eating good food before this diet but now it is positively thrilling. I had some delicate bay scallops today. I soaked them in milk for a few hours (he, he) and then I just cooked them for about 5 minutes in butter, heavy cream and sherry. Oh, the joy. And salad, oh, salad, it is so wonderful. It engages all of the senses. The varied textures, the smell of the fresh tomatoes, the crunch of the lettuce, the vibrant colors and of course the glorious taste of fresh avocado, olive oil and tarragon vinegar. There is really nothing like it.

Yes, I miss my milky state of mind but there are dishes to be cooked and goodies to be baked.

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