Monday, May 18, 2009

More Than Food

Food is heavy. I've still been consuming mainly milk and yogurt but I feel a difference just by eating relatively small bits of food. And guess what? I now weigh 125 pounds! And I do feel really good. But I also feel a little weighted down by the food. In my case, I suppose this isn't such a bad thing. For the most part I've been eating eggs, vegetables, fish, fruit, nuts and beet kvass. I almost feel like I could live like this.

I do feel my desire to cook and bake has come back though (I'm sure my family is happy about that). This weekend I baked banana bread, rolls and almond cookies, I made sauerkraut, kvass, and crunchy nuts and I spent more time on dinner each night. It feels good to be in the kitchen again. I've also felt more inclined to do yoga again. My body was starting to feel a little tight.

Yoga is so amazing. I do believe food can cure but I think it needs a little outside help too. Exercise is great for our health. I know it sounds cliche, but for me yoga has made a huge difference in how I feel. I do want to add that over-doing it is not healthy and can be counter-productive. As a wise man once said, "I take an Ayurvedic approach to exercise; don't overdo it". I think I could take an Ayurvedic approach to everything in life.

Anyway, back to yoga, I think it is key to good health. I'm not down-talking other forms of exercise. Yoga can complement them but without it I think there will be something missing. Yoga is one of the few exercises that gets your blood going, improves flexibility and strength, massages your inner organs, and relaxes you all at the same time. It is unique in that it actually works out every part of your body (if done right). I feel a rush after my yoga unlike any other endorphin rush I get because it is coupled with such a deep sense of relaxation.

Here is my dream tropical vacation day:
1. Get up and eat a wonderful breakfast of eggs, fresh tropical fruit and yogurt
2. Relax and read a book for awhile
3. Do yoga outside in the beauty of nature
4. Go into a hot spring bath
5. Have sex (I hope this doesn't offend anyone, I think this is as natural as eating)
6. Eat a wonderful gourmet lunch (fresh-caught fish and salad perhaps?)
7. Relax and read a book for awhile
8. Go for a swim in the ocean
9. Get a long wonderful massage with essential oils
10. Have sex (sorry again)
11. Eat a luscious local dinner

Doesn't that sound nice? Sorry to go off on the tangent but I feel so fluffy from my yoga and my milk.

Maybe if I did that once a month or so my immune system would function properly?

Maybe it's more than food?


  1. I found your blog from Cheeseslave. Are you really from Chicago? Where is that screening of Fresh going to be and when? Do you belong to a WAPF local chapter? Which one? I am from NW Indiana and am trying to make some connections to people of like interests. I would also like to get involved with a chapter. I have contacted a couple leaders and have gotten no response. I read pretty much your whole blog. I am so jealous of your cooking abilities. You have got my mouth watering reading about all the great food! Look forward to hearing from you! Lizabeth aka Lolaloves13

  2. I replied to your comment from my email so I'm not sure if you got it. So I will reply here as well:


    Yes I really am in Chicago. We just re-started the local WAPF group for Chicago. I will invite you to join our yahoo group (it will come as an invite from ""). Can you give me your email address? I just realized that it is not posted here.

    We are working on the Fresh screening. Really excited about it but not sure when yet. Right now we're just waiting for a demo tape.

    I don't know how far you are from Chicago but you are certainly welcome to be involved in our group. The more the merrier!
    We are having a workshop this weekend (Sat from 2-4 PM). The topic is "the power of enzymes" and we will be making beet kvass, kimchi and raw milk butter. It will be in my building in Edgewater in Chicago (north side). Let me know if you're interested and I'll send you more info.

    Thanks for checking out the blog!


  3. Hi, My email is I am about half hour to 45 minutes away from Chicago. I would definitely want to be involved when I can. I won't be able to come out tomorrow :( since my husband works tomorrow. Do you plan on going to the WAPF conference in November? I am planning on going. Send me any info on any events coming up. I am very interested! Thanks, Lizabeth aka Lolaloves13

  4. Jill-I've misplaced your e-mail address and wanted to send you some pictures of what "Give It Fresh Today" looks like in Hawaii! =) We started collecting produce donations TODAY! What a success! I'm looking forward to sharing success stories with you! My email is Please write to me!