Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 3: The Miracle of Milk?

I am operating under the assumption that this raw milk diet is actually very good for me. Yes, I know this is obvious but the concept really hit home today when I began to wonder if the diet IS good for me. Perhaps I'm making a big mistake. What if I suffer some sort of long-term damage from this?

The doubt was initiated by a long spell of my head vibrating. I don't understand it any better than you do. The only way I can describe it is that my head felt like it was vibrating, a little. It's the same feeling you get when you've just finished brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush. I was also feeling weak and a little dizzy.

And with this feeling of lousiness I began to think that this stupid, crazy thing was a bad idea and that I really, really wanted a piece of steak with a nice tasty salad. And I'm sick of kefir, it's awful stuff and I can't get the taste of grass out of my mouth. Okay, I'm done complaining.

So I went back to the book that spurred the temporary bout of insanity that makes me think a raw milk diet is a good thing. And this is what he said;

"Various other symptoms may arise while one is taking
milk, such as headache, backache, pains in the limbs,
feelings of weakness and lethargy, or sleeplessness."
"All the symptoms manifested are
indications of the house-cleaning and rejuvenation which the
body is undergoing, and are no sign that the milk should be
"Where these symptoms develop, I believe the individual
can consider himself extremely fortunate also, for it shows
that the milk diet is not only producing a favorable reaction
in the system, but that the vitality of the body is sufficient to
bring about this reaction with the proper aid. While such
symptoms may not develop in some individuals with great
vitality, rest assured that they will not develop where the
vitality has been lowered to the point from which there is no
return. Also be assured that there is no other régime that
will bring these symptoms and the returning health they
indicate more quickly, and yet with less severity than will
the milk diet."
"We have in the milk diet, without doubt, the most
powerfully effective of all agents for the eradication of
poisons, toxins, waste, and unnatural elements of any
nature; and for the restoration to normal of any tissue and
function capable of restoration; and for removing all
obstacles to the highest manifestation of the vital force
within the body. No other single food can compare with it,
and, for many disorders, no combinations of foods can equal
it for effectiveness."
(The Miracle of Milk, Bernarr McFadden)

So, I decided to rest a bit. Because this guy really knows how to talk up milk.

About an hour later I felt much better and I've been fine all afternoon. Quite relaxed and languid actually. I've decided to just take this whole thing day by day now.

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